Building Self Esteem and Confidence

Building Self Esteem and Confidence in Children

Nip it in The Bud I have been writing a lot about depression and anxiety on this website so today I thought I would focus on ways to avoid depression and anxiety in the first place. Building self confidence is a key to beating depression In other words we need to start by building confidence […]

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Trauma can lead to Youth Suicideuicide

Young People Speak Out About Youth Suicide

Confronting Youth Suicide: Tonights program on Insight was a very confronting and emotionally challenging discussion about Youth Suicide. Suicide is a topic we all tend to avoid talking about yet it is the main cause of death among young people between the ages of 15 and 24. In the SBS program hosted by Jenny Brockie […]

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Veterinarians are succumbing to suicide at an alarming rate

Veterinarians Succumb to Suicide at Alarming Rate

Veterinarians Succumb to Suicide at an Alarming Rate They save the lives of our precious pets’, yet veterinarians are likely to succumb to suicide at 4 times the rate of the general population. The Australian Vet Organization states that typically, an Australian vet will take his own life every twelve weeks. This is an alarming […]

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Pressure in the restaurant kitchen

Pressure In the Restaurant Kitchen

Image by zoli gy from Pixabay Pressure In the Restaurant Kitchen This evening I watched a program on Australian television which looked at the level of stress behind the scenes in restaurant kitchens. The stress level was so high that some chefs and other workers had succumbed to the pressure cooker environment by taking their […]

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Hormone imbalance can cause depression

Can Hormones Make You Depressed?

The Answer is a Big Yes! As women, we go through significant changes throughout our lives and these changes can impact negatively for some of us. Lets take a look at some of these changes. 1. The Onset of Menstruation. Girls do you remember that very first period.? For most of us we would have […]

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A depressed teenager

Teenage Depression

  Being A Teen, Feeling Depressed We all know from our own experience and what we have observed that the teenage years can be turbulent,  with sometimes moodiness and out bursts of irrational rage are not uncommon. This is all part of growing through the teen years when the body is undergoing radical changes. The […]

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depression can affect anyone

Depression Can Affect Anyone.

Depression can affect anyone from the poorest of the poor to the richest on the planet. It is does not discriminate. To overcome depression we need to understand depression,  recognize it and own it then take action against it. Most of us look at people living the high life, driving their fancy cars and living […]

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Financial stress

Depression and Financial Stress

Financial Stress Contributes to Depression The low interest rates at the moment are helping to keep a lid on it but if these begin to rise significantly many thousands of households will be adversely affected. Did you know that financial stress is one of the biggest causes of depression in adults in modern society? In […]

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Severe Depression in Children (MDD)

What is MDD? Major depressive disorder is a confronting and serious psychiatric illness which can severely impact the psycho social development of the child, however it remains largely misunderstood, misdiagnosed and undertreated. Parents struggling with this disorder in their children will first seek help from the local GP who is often ill-equipped to diagnose and […]

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Cattle drowned in flood

When Disaster Strikes

In recent years the world has been experiencing a massive increase in what is termed natural disasters. Among these are: Fire, Drought, Earthquakes, Tsunamis, Mudslides, Snow Storms, Avalanches, Cyclones and Floods. Disaster Upon Disaster for Aussie Farmers In Australia over the past few months many areas were in the grip of a long and severe […]

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