February 2019

Financial stress

Depression and Financial Stress

Financial Stress Contributes to Depression The low interest rates at the moment are helping to keep a lid on it but if these begin to rise significantly many thousands of households will be adversely affected. Did you know that financial stress is one of the biggest causes of depression in adults in modern society? In […]

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Severe Depression in Children (MDD)

What is MDD? Major depressive disorder is a confronting and serious psychiatric illness which can severely impact the psycho social development of the child, however it remains largely misunderstood, misdiagnosed and undertreated. Parents struggling with this disorder in their children will first seek help from the local GP who is often ill-equipped to diagnose and […]

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Cattle drowned in flood

When Disaster Strikes

In recent years the world has been experiencing a massive increase in what is termed natural disasters. Among these are: Fire, Drought, Earthquakes, Tsunamis, Mudslides, Snow Storms, Avalanches, Cyclones and Floods. Disaster Upon Disaster for Aussie Farmers In Australia over the past few months many areas were in the grip of a long and severe […]

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Plant a tree in memory of

The Difference Between Grief and Depression.

Grief: A Deep Sense of Loss When my father died many years ago now, the grief was overwhelming. I would cry at every mention of his name, or seeing any picture of him. At night time I was sure he was sitting  on a chair in my bedroom, trying to comfort me.  I had a […]

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Post natal depression

Post Natal Depression

The Birth of a Newborn Baby This can be the most wonderful experience life has to offer. Two people who love each other deeply have given life to a new living human being who will be the center of attention in their lives going forward. They have spent the previous 9 months preparing for this […]

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repairing the physical damage.

Acquired Brain Injury and Depression

Acquired brain injury can be a consequence of a sporting injury, such as in football, or diving, a fall, a motor bike or car accident or a physical fight with somebody else. Below is a screenshot of a  question put to the Mayo Clinic regarding the association between a traumatic brain injury and depression. When […]

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Give love and you will receive love

The Only Reason I am Here

 “This is the only reason I am still here!” “Tiger is the only one who has time and love for me.” I am done with the wickedness of this world!” This photo was sent to me from someone who is very depressed. What was causing the depression was not something anyone had done or said. […]

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