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Help! I am Feeling Depressed.

I am Totally Over Everything, Life is Too Hard

Nothing is going right. There is not enough money to pay the bills. We work our butts off day in and day out and still we struggle to eek out a decent living let alone pay all those bills that keep coming in.

I hate going out to collect the mail for fear it might be yet another long envelope with a window and my name appearing within it.

I open the letter reluctantly wondering how I am going to pay yet another bill and trying to decide how I can cut expenses in other areas to cover this one.


There is a school camp coming up and I just cannot see how we can raise enough money to allow the kids to go this year.

The kids all need new shoes and we need a new set of tyres on the car but we simply cannot afford it.

The school reports are in and the kids have performed very poorly this year due to all the stresses in the home.

It is all getting to be too much, I can barely pay the grocery bill let alone everything else that is needed.

The family are stressed and snapping at each other. We are trying to find extra work to help pay the bills but it seems everyone else is doing the same and there are just not enough jobs to go around. What more can we do, where can we go to get help?


Are You Recognizing Yourself Here?

If any of this sounds at all like you or your situation please know that you are not alone. There are many others in that same predicament. All desperately needing to have a holiday or a few little luxuries but the onslaught of financial demands from so many quarters makes it seem like an impossible dream.

This is particularly true in rural areas where people are working long hours and struggling to get through the days work in the time available. It is incessant and they are tired, very tired by the end of each working day. Its easy for tempers to be frayed and people to vent their frustrations on other members of the family such as partners or children.

In Australia this year we have been going through a prolonged period of drought. Farmers have had to watch their animals lose condition and production fall away as the available fodder becomes scarce or too expensive to buy in. The water supply has reached critical levels and many people have had to buy in water to keep their stock alive. Some rural towns have had to cart in drinking water for the local residents.

According to a recent report completed by the Australian Rural Mental Health Study

Farmers in NSW experience significant stress about the effects of drought on themselves, their families, and their communities. Farmers who are younger, live and work on a farm, experience financial hardship, or are isolated are at particular risk of drought‐related stress. Medical practitioners who provide assistance to farmers and farming communities can contribute to initiatives that relieve stress about drought.

Drought In Eastern Australia Challenges Farmers.

Life on the land has always been tough but never this tough. The very strong characters will make it through but many will succumb to depression ad a real sense of hopelessness.

It seems like no matter how hard you try there is always someone or something waiting to take away any hope of a few pleasures such as the over due holiday or a new outfit or even just a night out to dinner. ,

The power bills, municipal rates, taxes, loan repayments, medical bills, children s schooling, fuel, car repairs, groceries are just a few of the expenses we all face. Then there are larger ones like house and car maintenance costs, or appliance break downs. All we need is to have a little surplus each month for a few special treats but it seems to be an ever increasing difficulty to manage.

In times of extreme natural disasters such as drought, fire or flood as a consequence of climate change, the people living through these events and the disruption they cause to their regular way of life along with the added costs to respond to the situation can have a devastating impact on both their mental and physical well-being.

People in rural areas need to really look out for one another during these very difficult and challenging times. People may lose a lifetimes work in a very short amount of time and without a strong network of support and love and encouragement many will not survive.

Some will have larger debt burdens simply because they may have borrowed heavily to buy their rural property to fulfill a passion to grow food for a hungry world. Some may have other issues adding to the other difficulties such as a sick child requiring expensive medical care. Others may just have had a string of bad luck where one thing after another has gone wrong incurring added expenses.

Look Out For Each Other!

Look out for your neighbor. Check in and see if they are OK. Do not be judgmental because you have not walked in their shoes. They need empathy and encouragement and love. Be generous with your time as you reach out to those around you.

If we don’t look out for each other during these tough times some of our friends and neighbors will fall into a deep dark hole of depression and anxiety where they are unable to climb out of. Their ability to function normally will be severely impaired and the mental illness setting in may manifest in some desperate behaviors or as a serious illness.

I have mentioned in earlier posts the RUOK movement where people are encouraged to call on neighbors and friends to simply ask “are you okay ? It is a very simple suggestion with very powerful results if implemented in a sensitive and caring manner. Sometimes all somebody needs is just to have an open ear, someone who will listen to their problems and show some empathy. Then they may find some solutions together.

Tough Times Are Not Permanent

The sun always shines after rain and after every valley there is a mountain top. We just need to be able to focus on the possibilities and with encouragement and a little help we will make it through these tough times and we will be the stronger for the experience. It is never easy going through those very tough times in life but with the right support we will all make it through and we will know the joy of having overcome. So friend hang in there. Do not be afraid to ask if you need help and do not be afraid to ask others if they need help. Together you will succeed but going alone can be overwhelming.

The rain will end and the sun will shine again. The rain will replenish the earth and enable a new freshness, a revival of hope for all life.

We need to go through times of drought to really appreciate times of plenty as the rains come and replenish the soil so those challenging times will build our resole and strength as we work through them but not succumb to them.

Those times of plenty are when we need to be preparing for times of drought. Put aside for those rainy days. I see so often when people have a prosperous year they go out and spend big then find there is nothing left for leaner times.

In Australia where bush fires are an annual event and can strike anyone anywhere, we are encouraged to have a fire pan to ensure we are ready and prepared for the fire should it come our way.

With all the natural disasters we are seeing in the world now, it would be prudent for all of us to have prepared a strategy or plan to help us face any event which would threaten our lives or livelihood.

We need to be prepared as much as we can to confront whatever disaster may impact us. I know it is easy to say and rarely easy to do but it will make life a whole lot easier if we are not financially stressed when tough times come.

Reach Out

If you are struggling through difficult circumstances right now there is help available.  See  https://fromvalleytomountain.com/depressed-some-helpful-online-sites/

This wonderful man who survived the holocaust is an inspiration for us all. Be encouraged by his story.

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    • Tammy
    • November 25, 2019

    Great perspective on depression and some of its causes.   I am a mother of an adult child living with depression and anxiety issues.   I am sorry to hear about all the drought in your country.   Messing with ones livelihood can really bring in some deep depression.   I was not familiar with your site but have started to read through your articles.   Very well done and insightful.   I like the RUOK and the part about community.   So important.  

    I appreciate your topics as they are not often discussed.   Keep up the good work. 


      • admin
      • November 25, 2019

      Thank you Tammy for reading and commenting on my post. Depression is a mental illness which can affect anyone of us at sometime in our lives. None of us are immune so it is good to acknowledge it and seek appropriate help. Unfortunately many people have trouble admitting that they need help and are reluctant to reach out.. There is still a bit of stigma attached to the illness. We need to start the conversation to remove  the stigma. 

      Thank you again for your feedback, much appreciated. 

    • Pamela Arsena
    • November 25, 2019

    Depression is something that happens to all of us.  I know I have certainly deal with my fair share.  I agree completely with depression being temporary and knowing this makes it easier to deal with.  

    What has helped me when I am depressed is to give myself credit for the small things I do accomplish thereby giving me a little bit of momentum to get through a stressful day.  With that being said I am happy to see that you are bringing awareness and helping others feel better. 

      • admin
      • November 25, 2019

      Thank you Pamela. That is a good point you have raised. Its kind of like counting your blessings. It is even better when others around us can acknowledge our achievements and give a little positive feedback but it is wonderful that you can see and take credit for your own. 

      Unfortunately many people are disconnected from others and need to be looked out for. 

      Thank you again for stopping by. 

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