My Story

Welcome to my site and thank you in anticipation for taking the time to read it. I hope you find it helpful and will feel inclined to leave me some feedback or stories of your own.

This is my Story in a Nutshell an Ordinary Life.

I am a mum, a grand mum and a great grand mum.

We have been farming  for over 50 years  and worked through the many ups and downs of farm life.

We have 3 beautiful adult children  7 charming grandchildren and 2 delightful great grandchildren.

We started out as dairy farmers and in our later years changed to beef and sheep grazing in beautiful  South Gippsland.  It has been a wonderful environment to raise our children who are now all grown up and have children of their own.

I worked as a teacher and helped on the farm as much as I could with family and work commitments but most of the farm work was done by my hubby who had an amazing capacity for work.  This drive and ability to work hard  has shown up in our children who all give more than is required in what they do.

Every body faces difficult and challenging times in their lives  and we were no different.  There were times of drought, fire,  sickness and grief and each had an impact on the whole family. However I believe it is these challenges which make us stronger as we work through them.  Sometimes we might need the support and encouragement of others but there is always sunshine after rain and  the good times do come again.


Why did I create this site with a topic of depression?

I have created this site with the topic of depression because over a lifetime I have witnessed many people struggling to deal with  depression which often follows difficult and challenging times.

Depression is  like a big dark cloud which envelops the person suffering but everyone else around them gets rained on too.

It is toxic not just to the person who has suffered but everyone who loves that one too. There is no easy way out, you just have to learn to cope as best you can. There are may services  available for the depressed person but virtually nothing for the support crew around them. It is the same when dealing with a traumatic accident. The injured person has plenty of rehabilitation but it is sadly lacking for other members of the family who are also impacted.

In this website I am going to try to explain depression and provide some strategies to deal with it.  It is imperative that you acknowledge that there is an issue and confront it together. It is also helpful to draw on the experience and knowledge of others. You are not alone even though much of the time you will feel very, very alone.

If you ever need a hand or have any questions, feel free to leave them below and I will be more than happy to help you out. Throughout the site I will refer to helpful sites and agencies to get qualified help when it is needed.

All the best,