My Story

Welcome to my site and thank you in anticipation for takig the time to read it. I hope you find it helpful and will feel inclined to leave me some feedback or stories of your own.

This is my Story in a Nutshell

I am a mum, a grand mum and a great grand mum

I have experienced a lot through my almost 50 years of being  married to the same amazing man, my rock.

The early stages of raising children was relatively easy although my dear hubby was a dairy farmer and worked very long hours so he was seldom there to do much with the children so it largely all fell on me. I didn’t mind as it was fun going on picnics together, baking bread, building cubbies and much more.

The teenage years were a bit turbulent and then came the drivers licences when the kids were no longer kids and had independence . Their romances and travel overseas and getting their first jobs all had to be worked through.

One had several car accidents and another had a serious quad bike accident. leaving us with two young adults who really were not able to cope well with all that life threw at them.  Bouts of depression were impacting the entire family and gradually everyone succumbed to the affects of personality change and depression.  We were ill equipped to deal with the emotional roller coasters and have struggled for the next 30 years to cope with the various issues that arose within the family.

Why did I create this site with a topic of depression?

I wanted to share some of my story because I don’t believe I am alone in my experience and I just might help someone else trying to deal with similar circumstances.

Depression is  like a big dark cloud which envelops the person suffering but everyone else around them gets rained on too.

It is toxic not just to the person who has suffered but everyone who loves that one too. There is no easy way out, you just have to learn to cope as best you can. We found all the services are available for the depressed person but virtually nothing for the support crew around them.

In this website I am going to try to explain depression and provide some strategies to deal with it.  It is imperative that you acknowledge that there is an issue and confront it together. It is also helpful to draw on the experience and knowledge of others. You are not alone even though much of the time you will feel very, very alone.

If you ever need a hand or have any questions, feel free to leave them below and I will be more than happy to help you out.

All the best,