Overcome Depression

Depression Can Be Beaten and Without Drugs.

The Black Dog Has Bitten: You have succumbed to the debilitating consequences of depression. It’s a total bummer making your life unbearable. You begin to doubt yourself, you can’t sleep properly, you have a short fuse and snap at the slightest provocation, your energy is drained to an all time low, your self confidence has […]

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Taming the Black Dog

Taming The Black Dog: The black dog is like a demon which will control how a person thinks and feels about themselves and the world around them. When we train a dog to behave in a certain way we need to talk to him, sometimes very firmly. Our aim is for the dog to obey […]

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Recognizing the Big Black Dog.

Signs : Symptoms : Depression These are more of  my observations and thoughts, my purpose for writing this post is to help those of us living around people with depression to recognize their symptoms and reach out. The words in italics are those of people who are suffering with depression Depression or the black dog […]

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depressed man

Understanding Depression

  What is Depression? Depression is and can be a very serious condition in which people experienced prolonged and  severe feelings of despondency and dejection which can be so debilitating that the sufferer can no longer function normally. Everyone has a down day from time to time, days when for no apparent reason they might […]

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