being overweight can cause depression

Belly Fat and Depression

Excess Belly Fat Can Cause Depression

Learn how you can beat depression by losing belly fat and improving your health

being overweight can cause depression
I wish I could be………

Yes being overweight can make some people feel very depressed and added to that it can cause a multitude of other health problems such as diabetes, heart disease, stroke, high blood pressure, cancer, fatigue and many, many more.

But since this site is about depression we will focus just on that aspect of being overweight.  Not everyone  will become depressed because of their weight. Some people are very happy in their own skin whatever the shape or size but for many more it is a constant physical and emotional battle.

They have tried every trendy diet as it is promoted as the latest thing and end up gaining even more weight after completing the diet.

They may want to purchase a new outfit for a special occasion and nothing seems to fit or look even half decent.

Getting into a swimsuit on a hot Summers day is just right out of the question.

They hate looking in the mirror at the larger than life image of themselves standing before them.

Getting adequate exercise for optimal health is not only difficult but almost impossible because they just completely lack the energy to move any faster.

Getting undressed in front of a partner no longer excites either of them and so they resort to changing in the dark or another room.

They feel ashamed of their body and can become  withdrawn and inwardly very depressed.

It’s a Battle of the Bulge and a Battle of the Mind

Being overweight can be an ongoing and unwinnable battle for many people as they struggle with a constant cycle of diets which might work for a time only to fall back into old habits and the consequence will be an even bigger problem than the one to begin with. The most difficult  and  biggest problem area to carry excess weight is around the belly. Belly fat can cause major health issues which in turn can contribute significantly to a persons emotional well being.

Many of us are familiar with this constant battle of the bulge and how it impacts on our lives and our mental well being. . This post will seek to give some real answers to find ways to get rid of this belly fat or any other fat  in the safest, fastest and most natural way.

It is mainly women who suffer depression as a consequence of being overweight as they are more concerned about self-image. They want to look desirable to their male counterparts, they want to enjoy the affirmations of others as they dress for special occasions and they just want to feel attractive whenever they are in public.

Men are also susceptible to battling with a weight problem, however  they appear to be less emotionally impacted by it. Men , like women are not immune to the physical  consequences of being overweight . If they fail to address the battle of the bulge they too will succumb to all the associated health problems which in turn will reduce their quality of life and see them become depressed as well.

You may have tried the low carb diet, –the vegan diet –the 28 day diet –the high protein, –the Mediterranean diet –the low fat, –the Atkins diet and every other latest magical formula promising to help us shed those extra kilos.

Failure to achieve satisfactory results only adds to our level of depression and our low self-image. It’s a real catch 22. where we feel we can’t win this battle raging in our minds and bodies


Clothes don’t fit properly, slacks cause irritation in the buttock and or vaginal area, we may even have to lie flat on our back to be able to do up a zipper. We want some new fashionable clothes to wear but are embarrassed to try things on for fear of what will confront us in the mirror.

Frustration and disappointment in ourselves will push us under the dark cloud of depression and then we will be tempted to binge on comfort food such as chocolate in our low state of mind. This only serves to exacerbate the problem even further.

It seems like it a no win. We turn to Google, to Jenny Craig or Weight Watchers to find answers and we are happy with our progress for a time. Inevitably as time passes we end up back where we started but possibly carrying even more weight. That cursed belly fat is reluctant to leave and we need to adopt new and efficient ways to combat it.

How Can We Possibly Win This Battle?

It is possible to win this battle but we have to be armed with the right weapons and the right mindset.

We need to draw up a victory plan where our end goal is to enjoy feeling really good about ourselves and experience excellent health .

When  we succeed we will enjoy better health outcomes, more energy, we will be happier in ourselves and around others and our clothes will fit and feel comfortable and attractive. Our relationships will improve immensely too. I know that I do not feel one bit sexy when I am overweight but shedding those extra kilos makes all the difference.

To win a battle in a world sense requires that the countries involved use the best and most efficient technology and weapons which will deliver the desired results.

Likewise we need to have the best and most efficient tools available to help us win the battle with the bulge. In this post I am leaving you with a proven and fast method to make positive changes and win the battle .

Make yourself a list of strategies to build fortitude and determination.and to confront the enemy

( weight and depression)

Here are some suggestions to get you started. Prepare your mind and your body


  • Go to your favorite clothing shop and take a photo at least 3 items of clothing you really want to wear. Put them on your wall in plain sight.
  • Determine how many  sizes you need to go down to fit into them.
  • Weigh yourself on Day 1 but not again until day 30. Keep a record of monthly progress., ignoring daily setbacks.
  • Write an exercise program starting with simple achievable goals to begin with. Double them each day. For instance if you walk just 500 steps on the first day make it 1000 on the second. Once you reach 10000 steps per day try adding in some different forms of exercise such as a swim or moving to music.
  • Engage a friend or relative to keep you accountable or who may join you in the battle and share the journey with you.
  • Do not talk about what you are doing with anyone other than your buddy until you have reached your first milestone.
  • Record in writing your progress each day so that you can share your success at the end.
  • Reward yourself with a night out in your favorite restaurant after each 5kg weight loss.

The Link Below Is Guaranteed to Help you Win Your Battle by Showing You The Fastest Way to Lose Belly Fat.

Being Overweight can cause depression
“I am just too fat and I get teased all the time”

  • You can do this
  • You deserve this
  • You will be happier and healthier.
  • You will have more energy and vitality
  • You will have more confidence and a strong sense of self worth.
  • You will win this battle with the right tools and the right mindset.

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    • Richard U
    • September 25, 2019

    So true word. I remember helping a friend out who was in a similar situation and she crushed it with almost following the steps you mentioned here.

    Self-motivation and staying positive is another key winner here.

    I will surely bookmark this page and I will be happy to recommend it too because you have done a wonderful job by sharing this post. Depression as a result of belly fat is a silent killer. Folks are suffering in silence. Not because they do no know what to do, but because they have no access to information like this,

    This article will surely help a lot of people out I am pretty sure of it.


      • admin
      • September 26, 2019

      Thank you for your response to my post Richard. 

      Obesity is a very sensitive topic for some people and we need to be careful in how we confront our friends and or family about it. Not everyone will become depressed because of their weight but many will become overweight because of their depression.  Others can be seemingly very happy whatever their size but the own physical health will ultimately suffer.

      I am just trying to shine a light on all the different reasons why someone might suffer depression and suggest ways to deal with it. 

    • Shan
    • September 25, 2019

    Having a little extra weight can certainly add to depression; I have seen this first hand in one of my very good friends. She has tried about ever yo-yo diet there is, which is not only physically unhealthy, but all the perceived failures will add to her depression.

    Thank you for providing a solution that looks to be more viable for her. I will definitely share your site and suggestions to her. I appreciate your input and advice!

      • admin
      • September 26, 2019

      Thank you for you response and thoughts Shan.  I am not sure being a little overweight is a problem but to be carrying excessive weight which will impact on our physical well being will also negatively impact our emotional wellbeing. 

    • FredEim88
    • September 25, 2019

    Very informative article about belly fat and depression. In most cases those two go hand in hand. You can get belly fat because of depression, and you can get depressed if you got extensive belly fat. You have very informative option on how to beat it with the right tools in your toolbox. The important thing is, as you write is to begin with small steps. Because there will be some set back during the process. The important thing is to never give up and keep going.

      • admin
      • September 26, 2019

      You are right Fred, the two can go hand in hand and it is difficult to say which comes first, like the chicken or the egg. It is important to remember that not everyone is emotionally affected by the stigma that can come with being obese. Thank you for commenting. 

    • Henderson
    • September 25, 2019

    Truly, veing overweight can be a big problem especially when you have friends that are less overweight than you.  I have friends like that and they try to hide the depression. We know, adding all this type of problems to the other problems on faces in life can be a health hazard so how do we deal with it. You have given here good intro into what to do when one is faced with depression due to belly fat and how to lose the fat fast. It’s a motivational process. Nice post.

      • admin
      • September 26, 2019

      Weight is a very difficult issue for many people as there is a genetic predisposition to gaining weight easily. However in todays society the way we appear among our peers can have a huge impact on how we perceive ourselves  and some people will feel as though they are being scrutinized because of their weight  and whilst it may not be so they will feel like the eyes of the world on on them.  The consequence is a poor self image and depression. 

    • Charles
    • September 25, 2019

    Am so glad I came across this comprehensive and highly helpful post. This is one of the major reasons while some people feel embarrassed by themselves and fall out completely when others bodyshame them. People should try and find all essential means to achieve weight loss and watch their diet. 

      • admin
      • September 26, 2019

      Thank you for reading my post Charles and for taking time to comment.  Body image is important especially among the young who are also the most prone to weight related depression. 

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